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Scholarship Information

DUE: Wednesday, March 15, 2023

All groups who participate in the Louisiana-Mississippi Color Guard and Percussion Circuit are encouraged to submit no more than three applications from their unit who are high school seniors or already enrolled in college. A committee of administrators, instructors and judges review dozens of these applications for these scholarships and select students who stand out in qualities of academic, artistic and personal achievements. One scholarship from each division (Colorguard, Percussion & Winds) will be awarded.


  1. The Recipient must be in his/her senior year of high school or already attending a college/university.

  2. The recipient must attend a college or university; not a trade school or vocational school.

  3. The recipient must be an active marching member of a unit.

  4. Each unit may submit no more than three nominees.

  5. Scholarship(s) granted will be paid by check written to his/her university. Scholarship money may be used by the students for tuition, books and/or room/board. Any unused scholarship monies, either from the students leaving the education establishment before completing his/her degree or upon the students completing and receiving his/her degree, will be returned to LMCGPC.

  6. Scholarships granted will be derived from funds collected from activities sponsored by LMCGPC and will vary from year to year.

  7. The scholarship will be granted for one year only. But recipients may re-apply the next year if he/she remains active with a unit and meets all other requirements.

  8. Selections will be made by a committee consisting of individuals representing various LMCGPC activities whose decision will be final.

  9. The recipient will be informed two weeks prior to the LMCGPC Championships and will be formally recognized at the Championship Finale.

  10. All Scholarship Applications will remain Confidential.

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