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Deadline August 25, 2024

LMCGPC Event Host

Any color guard, percussion ensemble, winds group, or circuit may submit an application to host a LMCGPC Event.  All Event Partners must be either school affiliated or non-profit organizations.  Only current members in good standing may be awarded contest sponsorship. Good standing is defined as having no outstanding financial debts owed to the Circuit.  Each prospective host must submit the information contained in the “Show Hosting Application Form” to the Board of Directors.

Red Fabric Waves

Show Host

This application does not guarantee a hosting date, all applicants will be reviewed based on facility, availability, locations.  

Requirements listed below:

Host Requirements

*** Show host will be required to make arrangements to pick up trailer from previous host.
Each eligible unit wishing to host a show must provide the following facility specifications:
o Double Doors (entering & exiting the gym)
o 65’ x 90’ Performance Area
o Seating Capacity (20-30 rows or 2 Level Gym)
o Indoor warm-up facility
o Minimum 20’ ceilings in equipment warm-up area.
o Dressing Rooms
o Indicate the availability of prop storage.
o Indicate an area for videotaping (required).
o Security is required for the contest.
o Emergency medical service is required for the contest.
• (a nurse, paramedic, or someone trained in first aid)
o It is the responsibility of the contest host to provide an area for critique.
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