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Charlie Mascaro - Timing & Penalty Judge

Charlie began his love of music as a young student playing trumpet in the school band. He joined the Star Dusters Drum & Bugle Corps and played mellophone with them from 1965 – 1971.   


In 1972 he joined The Blue Raeders Drum & Bugle Corps and competed in finals for DCI’s very first year in 1973. During his years with the Raeders, he learned rifle and flag on the side and become so skilled on equipment, that when he aged out of competing, he became one of their Color Guard instructors. He met his wife of 45 years when Karen joined the Blue Readers flag line in 1975.  


In 1973, while working with the Bleu Raeders Drum & Bugle Corps color guard, he and John Laudun started the Bleu Raeder Winterguard and competed in the SECGC.


The following year, 1974, Charlie and John started their own Winterguard, Los Cummoncheros and they competed in the SECGC until 1978.


In 1979 and 1980 he taught color guard at band camps.


In 1981, the Gulf Coast Color Guard Circuit was started, and the Gulf Coast Judges Association was formed which is when he began his judging career and would eventually train his son, Lawrence to be a Timing and Penalty Judge as well. He was invited to become a WGI Judge in 1987 and for many years judged WGI finals in Dayton, OH. He continued judging WGI regionals up to this year.


Charlie was entered into the Gulf Coast Color Guard Circuit Hall of Fame in 1999. He was entered into the Louisiana Color Guard & Percussion Circuit Hall of Fame in 2009 (Now known as LMCGPC).   


Charlie has been a full-time judge for The Gulf Coast Judges Association for 42 years straight and has loved every minute of it.

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