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Only current members in good standing may be awarded contest sponsorship. Each eligible unit wishing to host a show must provide the following facility specifications: (Due to many restrictions in 2020-2021, some of these specifications will be waived.)

  1. Double Doors (both entering and exiting) with Removeable Center Pole
  2. 65' x 90' Performance Area
  3. Seating Capacity of 20+ rows or Two Level Gym 
  4. Indoor Warm-Up Facility
  5. Minimum 20' Ceilings in Equipment Warm-Up Area
When submitting your photos and documents, please upload the best files possible. If chosen to host a show, these photos will be used on the website for members to see your facilities and know what to expect. The following file type are accepted: gif, jpg, png, tif, eps, pict, pdf, doc, docs, avi, mp3, or wav.
Please select which weekend you would prefer to host!
Applicants need to select the weekends that they can NOT host this year. This should allow us more freedom to make sure the regional division of shows are better. We ask that you leave at least 4 to 5 dates available for us to choose from. We understand that this may not be possible in all cases. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SCHOOL CALENDAR BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION! Make sure that there are no conflicts with either academic (testing, state rallies etc.) or extra-curricular (athletic events, honor bands, school dances, etc.) activities on the weekends that you choose. Once the schedule is set it will be very difficult if not impossible to make changes.

Online applications are due no later than Wednesday, November 4th at 11:59 PM. Any applications received after will only be considered if all of the weekends have not been filled.

Please include height of ceiling.
How many rows of seating on the Spectator Side (Front)?
How many rows of seating on the Performer Side (Back)?