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Future Independent Winterguard is proud announce our Instructor Roundtable Series.  
The Instructor Roundtable Series is a virtual, educational platform that is targeted for young, up and coming designers, instructors, and creators, who lack experience/knowledge, work in underprivileged environments that lack access to educational resources, or are just seeking to gain insight into different approaches to the pageantry arts. 
Our purpose with this series is to offer an open and causal atmosphere where the curious mind can freely wander in the learning process and gain an intuitive perspective from a wide-range of panelists whose experiences range from local, small town programs with young performers to larger programs with more experienced performers. The Instructors Round Table seeks to reach all audiences and wants all who attend to feel like the information provided is applicable and practical to their setting. 
To our organization, there is no question that is not worthy of an answer, and we want to help provide tools to help you construct the type of unique program you want to have. 
The first of our round table series is linked with our virtual spin clinic. The spin clinic and roundtable series is on Saturday, Aug 29th, with the spin clinic starting at 9am central standard time, and the Instructors Round Table Series will begin after the clinic from 6pm-8pm central standard time. 
We also have an awesome incentive for instructors too! If you have 10 or more of your students sign-up and attend the spin clinic, you get to attend the round table series that evening for FREE!!! 
To signup for this series and/or spin clinic, go to our store on our website,
Also follow our Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram accounts, Future Independent, for more information about upcoming Instructors Roundtable Series topics and panelists and information about our inaugural season.