A Wish Come True 11/25/15

The BOD is pleased to announce our new corporate sponsor, A Wish Come True Performance Wear. Please contact them directly for all of your performance wear needs! 

215.781.2000 ext 241 ♦ 800.755.2248 ♦ nancys@awishcometrue.com

www.awishcometrue.com www.awctcolorguard.com

Even though the deadline has passed, you can still register your group online.  REGISTER HERE Please make sure to include the $25 late fee when sending in your  fees with the printed registration form.

Also, the show sign-up deadline is quickly approaching! SIGN UP TODAY! 
A $25 late fee will also be accessed.


Unit Registration & Show Sign Up 10/7/15
You can begin the process of registering your units and signing up for shows NOW. The schedule has been finalized and you will notice that there have been a couple of venue changes since the original schedule was released. Please be aware of these changes:
January 23, 2016 will be at Port Allen H.S., not Jennings H.S.
January 30, 2016 will be at Gulfport H.S., not Harrison Central H.S.
February 13, 2016 will also be at Gulfport H.S., not Harrison Central H.S.
In order to qualify for Circuit Championships you must meet the following requirements:
-Color Guards-attend one of the first three shows (Jan. 16Jan. 23 or Jan. 30) plus AT LEAST TWO OTHER SHOWS.
-Percussion-attend one of the first three percussion shows (Jan. 30Feb. 13 or Feb 20) plus AT LEAST TWO OTHER SHOWS.
-Winds-attend the shows on March 5 & March 12.
Please check your school calendars for any possible conflicts BEFORE you submit your Show Sign Up form. PLEASE SUBMIT ONLY ONE SHOW  SIGN UP FORM PER UNIT. Do not submit multiple sign ups. If you need to make a change in your schedule for some reason, PLEASE EMAIL RANDY WITH THE CHANGES. REPEAT: DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE SIGN UPS. If you're not sure yours went through please email Craig or Randy and they will check the data base and let you know if you need to resubmit anything. Your cooperation on this will make our jobs much easier. REMEMBER TO PRINT OUT AT LEAST THREE COPIES OF YOUR REGISTRATION FORM BEFORE YOU CLOSE OUT THE PAGE. You need one copy to send to Cortney with your fees, one to turn in to your accounting office with your check request and one for your records. If you need a W9 form for your finance office, please email Cortney. She will send you one.
On the registration form you must complete all fields that have a RED ASTERISK next to them. If you are not sure of all of your musical selections when you submit your registration, just list what you know. Please remember you MUSTadhere to all copyright laws. Basically, if it's on YouTube you're good to go for guard. Percussion and Winds need to have a Permission To Arrange form on file with us. Remember, we're just trying to protect you AND the circuit. 
Here are two important deadlines that we will adhere to this year:
November 22, 2015-Unit Registration Deadline- All paperwork and fees must be in to Cortney by this date. Fees can be mailed to Cortney (her address is on the form) or hand delivered to any board member at the LMEA Conference in Baton Rouge. Please make sure to turn your check requests in to your central office in plenty of time. ANY UNIT WHO TURNS THEIR PAPERWORK AND FEES IN PAST THE DEADLINE WILL BE ASSESSED A $25 LATE FEE PER UNIT.
December 1, 2015-Show Sign Up Deadline- Your show sign up must be submitted on line by this date. Again, please submit only one form per unit. If you need to add, drop or change a show please email me directly and I'll make the change. ANY UNIT WHO TURNS THEIR SHOW SIGN UP FORM  IN PAST THE DEADLINE WILL BE ASSESSED A $25 LATE FEE PER UNIT.
If you will be joining us as a Guest Unit this year, please follow the same procedures listed above. We ask that if you will be joining us this season as a guest unit that you have all of your paperwork and fees in to us AT LEAST ONE MONTH  before the date of the show(s) that you want to attend. We welcome all units from MIA, GCGC or any other circuit to our shows in a Guest Unit capacity. Please let me know if you have any questions.
A big thanks to all of you in advance for all of the hard work and dedication that you put in for our activity. Please don't hesitate to contact any Board of Directors member at any time if you have a question or concern. That's what we're here for. Here are the links for registration and show sign up:

Show Sign Up


2016 Show Schedule Announced 9/13/15