1/31/15 - Gulfport Show
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2/7/15 - Jennings Show
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2/21/15 - Pineville Show
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Music, ID's and More  1/20/15
Please be prepared to bring your music for your guards to your first show.  Whatever format you bring it on, you will be expected to leave it with Elroy for the season.  We prefer it be on CD, but we can use mp3 players or flash drives if that's the only way you have it.  Just be aware that the sound quality coming from the lap top is not as good as what comes from the CD player. Please make sure that you ALWAYS have a back up with you just in case there are any problems with the CD or device that you give Elroy.
We will have director and staff ID's this weekend. Each school or independent unit will receive one (1) Director badge. If a school has both a color guard and a percussion unit, you will receive two (2) director badges-one for your guard director and one for your percussion director. You will also get two (2) Instructor badges per unit.  So, if a school has two color guard units they will receive one (1) Director badge and four (4) Instructor badges.  If a school has two color guards and a percussion unit they will receive two (2) Director badges and six (6) Instructor badges, and so on. The badges will be much nicer than what we've had the past couple of season. 
PLEASE GIVE THESE BADGES ONLY TO YOUR INSTRUCTORS!! DO NOT HAND THEM OUT TO PARENTS OR CHAPERONS.  This has been an issue in the past. We will question anyone who appears to be wearing these badges and are not staff members.  Please be judicious in handing these out.  Remember, our show hosts are taking on a huge financial responsibility with these shows and for everyone who "sneaks in" one way or another, the host schools are losing money. At each contest you will receive five (5) passes from the show host. These should be given only to chaperons and not random parents/spectators.  Again, let's help the show hosts make sure that they recoup their investment and make money. 
Student performers will be given either wrist bands or hand stamps.  If you plan on bringing additional non-performer student helpers with you please either contact the show hosts directly to see if they will allow these students to be admitted with the performers or be prepared to pay for these students to enter the performance area.  Since neither WGI nor the LMCGPC have formal policies on this, the decision will be up to the individual show hosts. Please don't abuse this privilege if it's granted. 
Please encourage your students and parents to support the host schools by visiting the concession stands for food and drinks. We encourage you not to take your students off campus to eat during the contest, but to support the show hosts if at all possible.  Again, this is a huge financial undertaking for these schools.  We definitely don't want them to lose money.  We will have apparel and other collectibles at the shows.  Artistically Yours will be selling merchandise at some shows and some of the hosts haven chosen to supply their own merchandise.  The LMCGPC will be selling our own merchandise for Championship Weekend.  I've seen some of the designs already and they're very cool!!  Stay tuned for more information on this.
Please make sure that all of your staff members have registered for CompetitionSuite.  If they have not, please forward them the email that was sent a couple of weeks ago or have them check out the web site. This needs to be done by Thursday at the latest.  It takes a little while to go through the full process and we can't guarantee that any thing sent in after that will be verified in time for Saturday's contest. All requests have been approved that have been submitted to date.  MAKE SURE CELL PHONE NUMBERS ARE INCLUDED.  The staff member will not get the text that comments are ready if they do not include their phone number.

Percussion I&E  1/14/15

Ok folks, it's that time of year to brush up on those solos and come out and jam!

NEW this year: Alumni I&E
If you have marched indoor before, all you need is written proof from the unit director or other form of proof and your in!
Alumni scores and placements will be separate from our scholastic members to keep all things fair.
Staff members? Instructors? Or if you are going to college/working now is your chance to show off some stuff.
Why do this? The past couple of seasons people have talked about  how great it would be to have some mature hands on the floor doing some neat things for the younger crowd. It came to a proposal and vote and now it's in.
CLICK HERE for all the forms! Have your students sign up early to get first dibs on their performance times.

Student Roster Forms  1/13/15

The Student Roster Form is now on the web site under the 2015 Events tab.  Here's the direct link:

This form works the same way as the Unit Application and Show Sign Up forms do. Once you click "Submit" a pdf will pop up for you to print out. Please print this form out and get the appropriate signatures and accompanying documentation to accompany it.
If you are new to the circuit, this form needs to be completed by every competing unit and turned in at your first contest. This is basically the same form used by WGI. I realize that this may be time consuming for some of you with larger groups, but we require all units to have this on record in case any questions ever come up regarding member eligibility.  
All scholastic rosters MUST be signed by the school principal or head administrator and include the current grade level of each member. All independent rosters MUST include proof of age documentation (ie. drivers license, birth certificate or passport) and be signed by the unit director. Scholastic rosters do not need to include date of birth and independent rosters do not need to include current grade level. 
Don't forget that these are due at your first contest. Field Days do not count as contests, but you may turn them in this weekend if you have them. If you are going to Pineville, please turn them in to Cortney. Craig or Randy will be at Ponchatoula to accept them if you have then completed. If you do not have them to turn in at your first contest there is a possibility that your unit may not be able to compete at their first show. Please make this a priority.  

CompetitionSuite Sign-Up  1/5/15

It's time to begin sign up for CompetitionSuite.  If you had an account last year and you have not changed schools, you are good to go.  If you are at a different school, you'll need to go to your CS account and change your association.  Please do that ASAP.

If you are a new director and do not have an account, you need to set one up.  Please follow the directions in bold below.  You need to do this as soon as you can.  Once you complete the account set up Randy Weaver will get an email and verify your application. You will then get an email from CS on how to get your groups comments at the shows you attend.  If you don't know, CompetitionSuite is the tabulation and commentary program that we have been using for a few years now.  It's really very user friendly once you're signed up. Your "Group" is the school name and unit (ie. "ABC H.S. Varsity").  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER!!  Without this you cannot access your comments. Here are the instructions:
For the upcoming season LMCGPC will be utilizing the CompetitionSuite system for tabulation and commentary.  It is free to sign up and is required to receive your commentary.
Please follow these directions prior to your first competition
1. If you do not have an account, please create an account here: https://competitionsuite.com/signup/
3. Select your group's division. 
4. Select your group
5. Click Request Association
Once the association is approved, the group name will be displayed along the left side of the page. 
Be sure to provide your phone number to ensure you can access your commentary from your phone!
If you have any additional staff members that you want to have access to comments, please have them set up their account.  If you are a Guest Unit director and have a CS account with your home circuit, you will need to create an account with the LMCGPC as well.  Again, please complete this process ASAP so that we can get you all signed up in advance of your first competition.
Thanks so much and let Randy Weaver know if you have any questions.  jrandall.weaver@gmail.com  

Speil Sheets  12/31/14
It's that time!  Please complete the Spiel Sheet and return it to Randy Weaver as soon as possible.  These are due no later than Monday, January 12, 2015, but please get them in as soon as you can.  If you're not sure of everything (ie. show title, captains etc.), go ahead and send what you have and you can change, add or delete information any time.  Just send the corrections to Randy and he'll make them on your sheet.
Please fill out the information, save it as a document and email it to him as an attachment.  You should be able to click on a cell and type in the information.  It's in Microsoft Word and in the past, a few people have not been able to complete the form due to the operating system they have on their device.  If you have an problems just email Randy all of the information and he'll generate the form for you.

Thanks so much for your prompt attention to this and let us know if you have any questions.  Happy New Year to all!

Fill out this form: Speil Sheet and email to jrandall.weaver@gmail.com.

WGI Rule/Policy Changes   09/23/14

Directors and Instructors,

I recently had the opportunity to attend the WGI Circuit Partner Symposium in Orlando, FL along with other circuit administrators from around the country. It was a very eye opening experience for me in all aspects of the indoor activity, especially with behind-the-scene things!
I wanted to send the newest Rule and Policy changes that will be taking place this season. Please read through them carefully. If you have any questions at all, please contact me or WGI for clarification. We discussed a few of these items at our Fall meeting, but I want to make sure that everyone is aware and informed. 

There were also several other items that WGI and other circuits will be implementing this year. After I have the opportunity to discuss these things with the Board of Directors and we make a decision/plan on how we will approach some of these items, we will let you know. Some of these items include the new Winds division and copyright issues. Please be on the lookout for this information soon!

-Craig Byers

Copyright Changes from WGI   09/02/14
WGI Director Bulletin

Directors / Instructors

During the recent WGI Board of Directors meeting, there were two music copyright policy changes that will need your attention for the upcoming 2015 season.

1.  WGI Sport of the Arts now requires all participating groups to any WGI event to comply with their copyright policies regarding performance and use of arrangements of copyrighted music.  The focus of this policy in the past was targeted to World Championships participants, and now applies to all regional events as well.

2.  The policy on song selections on the “restricted music” list was stiffened to read that: Groups using music on this list will not be allowed to participate at WGI events. (Note: songs being “covered” by a different artist still fall into the restricted list).


Before December 1st - submit your groups Song Selection Information via the director’s only website. It is the responsibility of the group director to keep all copyright information submitted to WGI current.  If copyright violation (song on the restricted list is being used) is found to exist, disqualification will occur. Disqualifications can happen during a competitive event (ex: between prelims and finals).  Misrepresentation of show content, even through omission, is considered in violation of this rule.

Safety Policy Change from WGI   08/25/14

WGI Director Bulletin

Directors / Instructors

Over the course of the past few seasons, WGI has been aware of an increased use of props that could potentially endanger performers in competition.  With the activity reaching new heights in terms of creativity props have gotten taller, more elaborate, and occasionally the risk has exceeded what we consider safe for our events. 

While WGI certainly does not want to stifle innovation and creativity in the planning of any program, it is necessary that we insure that an unfortunate situation does not occur.  At the annual meeting of the WGI Board of Directors, the following policy was passed and will be inserted into the rules for all color guard, percussion and winds competitions beginning in 2015:

WGI Sport of the Arts strongly recommends that performing groups and their directors/staff use the utmost caution and forethought in planning and use of props that might place participants (and others) in potential danger during assembly or use.

Props built and/or used by groups at WGI events, including drum major podiums, that measure over six (6) feet high and are used in such a way that result in a participant whose feet are more than six (6) feet above the competition area must have appropriate safety railings in place. 

Participants are prohibited from jumping or leaping off any prop that exceeds six (6) feet in height unless protective padding is in place or other adequate safety precautions are taken.

PENALTY:  At the discretion of the Contest Director, including (but not limited to) prohibition of the use of the overheight/unsafe prop(s) or disqualification.  Such penalty can be assessed based on a number of factors, including the height, number, and/or type of equipment subject to penalty and the possibility of a safety or property damage issue arising from the use of such equipment.

If you have any question about any prop you are currently considering for your program, please contact:

Dale Powers, Director of Color Guard        

Mark Thurston, Director of Percussion    

Wayne Markworth, Director of Winds        

We look forward to another season of amazing and safe performances in 2015. 

Ron Nankervis
WGI Executive Director