11/22/14 - Unit Applicaiton Deadline

12/20/14 - Show Sign-Up Deadline


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2015 Schedule & Unit Application   09/10/14
The LMCGPC 2015 Contest Schedule has been posted. Thank you so much to all of our host schools for undertaking this monumental task. When choosing your shows, please try to attend as many as you can. Remember, these hosts are undertaking a large financial risk to sponsor these competitions. Please do all that you can by attending their shows.
Unit registration is up and running. You must have your group registered and fees paid no later than Saturday, November 22, 2014. Fees should be postmarked by and sent to Cortney Lyon or hand delivered to a BOD member at the LMEA convention in Baton Rouge no later than Saturday, November 22, 2014.  Any fees received after that date will be subject to a $25 late fee. Cortney's mailing address is on the registration form.
We are not ready to begin show sign up for another week or so.  We will let you know when that feature is live on the web site. The show sign up deadline will be Saturday, December 20, 2014. That's four weeks before the field day weekend.

Copyright Changes from WGI   09/02/14
WGI Director Bulletin

Directors / Instructors

During the recent WGI Board of Directors meeting, there were two music copyright policy changes that will need your attention for the upcoming 2015 season.

1.  WGI Sport of the Arts now requires all participating groups to any WGI event to comply with their copyright policies regarding performance and use of arrangements of copyrighted music.  The focus of this policy in the past was targeted to World Championships participants, and now applies to all regional events as well.

2.  The policy on song selections on the “restricted music” list was stiffened to read that: Groups using music on this list will not be allowed to participate at WGI events. (Note: songs being “covered” by a different artist still fall into the restricted list).


Before December 1st - submit your groups Song Selection Information via the director’s only website. It is the responsibility of the group director to keep all copyright information submitted to WGI current.  If copyright violation (song on the restricted list is being used) is found to exist, disqualification will occur. Disqualifications can happen during a competitive event (ex: between prelims and finals).  Misrepresentation of show content, even through omission, is considered in violation of this rule.

Safety Policy Change from WGI   08/25/14

WGI Director Bulletin

Directors / Instructors

Over the course of the past few seasons, WGI has been aware of an increased use of props that could potentially endanger performers in competition.  With the activity reaching new heights in terms of creativity props have gotten taller, more elaborate, and occasionally the risk has exceeded what we consider safe for our events. 

While WGI certainly does not want to stifle innovation and creativity in the planning of any program, it is necessary that we insure that an unfortunate situation does not occur.  At the annual meeting of the WGI Board of Directors, the following policy was passed and will be inserted into the rules for all color guard, percussion and winds competitions beginning in 2015:

WGI Sport of the Arts strongly recommends that performing groups and their directors/staff use the utmost caution and forethought in planning and use of props that might place participants (and others) in potential danger during assembly or use.

Props built and/or used by groups at WGI events, including drum major podiums, that measure over six (6) feet high and are used in such a way that result in a participant whose feet are more than six (6) feet above the competition area must have appropriate safety railings in place. 

Participants are prohibited from jumping or leaping off any prop that exceeds six (6) feet in height unless protective padding is in place or other adequate safety precautions are taken.

PENALTY:  At the discretion of the Contest Director, including (but not limited to) prohibition of the use of the overheight/unsafe prop(s) or disqualification.  Such penalty can be assessed based on a number of factors, including the height, number, and/or type of equipment subject to penalty and the possibility of a safety or property damage issue arising from the use of such equipment.

If you have any question about any prop you are currently considering for your program, please contact:

Dale Powers, Director of Color Guard        

Mark Thurston, Director of Percussion    

Wayne Markworth, Director of Winds        

We look forward to another season of amazing and safe performances in 2015. 

Ron Nankervis
WGI Executive Director

New Sponsor: Digital Marching FX   06/13/14

We are pleased to announce that Eric Sabach, owner of Digital Marching FX, is one of the newest sponsors of the LMCGPC.  Eric and his company donated the beautiful new LMCGPC banner that we flew this past year at championships.  Eric has also offered to provide championship class banners for next year as well as table drapes and a smaller banner to display at all circuit shows.  Thanks in advance to Digital Matching FX for these donations to the circuit.

We ask that you please consider Digital Marching FX when purchasing equipment and such for this years marching show as well as for the upcoming winter season.

Website: www.digitalmarchingfx.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/digitalmarchingfx
Eric's Email: ericsabach@gmail.com

On behalf of the LMCGPC BOD, we want to thank Eric and Digital Marching FX for their continued support of the pageantry activity in general and the LMCGPC in particular.