2/24/18 Comeaux HS
     11:30 AM - Percussion
     12:10 PM - Winds
     1:30 PM - Guard

3/3/18 D'Iberville HS
1:30 PM - Percussion
     5:00 PM - Guard

3/10/18 E.D. White HS @ Thibodaux Civic Center

3/17/18 Dutchtown HS

3/24/18 Guard Championships

3/25/18 Perc/Winds Championships




Scores are uploaded immediately after each show. You can find the latest scores here.

Competition Suite

For the upcoming season the LMCGPC will be utilizing the CompetitionSuite system for tabulation and commentary.  It is free to sign up and is required to receive your commentary. YOU MUST DO THIS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE YOUR COMMENTS FROM YOUR COMPETITIONS. Please complete this process ASAP.

-If you are a new director or instructor you must create an account. Follow the link on step number 1 in the directions below. Once I receive your request I will approve it and you will get a confirmation email. If you don't get one in a couple of days please email me so that I can see what's happening. 
-If you are a returning director or instructor but you are with A NEW SCHOOL OR UNIT you must add the new group to your account. Do that by clicking the link in step number 2 in the directions below. I you do not do this you will not get comments for your new group.
-If you are a returning director or instructor with the same school or unit please check to see that everything is still in order with your account. You never know what can go wrong with technology without your knowledge. Please recheck your account.
WE MUST HAVE YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER IN ORDER FOR YOU TO GET YOUR COMMENTS. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE IT ON YOUR ACCOUNT.  Within a few minutes of the conclusion of your groups performance you will receive a text message with a phone number for you to call to retrieve your comments. If you have additional or new staff members that you want to receive comments, please forward this email to them so that they can sign up for an account as well. You can have as many staff members receive comments as you want but please be judicious as to who you let listen to your comments. Under no circumstances should you allow parents to have access to comments unless they are on staff.
Here are the instructions directly from the CS web site. Please follow them carefully.
1. If you do not have an account, please create an account here: https://competitionsuite.com/signup/
3. Enter your group's name (enter part of the name if you have trouble finding it)
4. Click Request Access next to your group
Once the association is approved, the group name will be displayed along the left side of the page.
Be sure to provide your phone number to ensure you can access your commentary from your phone!

Student Roster

Please fill out the Student Roster form, click Submit, PRINT THE FORM OUT, and get the appropriate signatures. There seems to always be some misunderstandings about these forms, so here are the guidelines:
1. ALL units need to submit a Student Roster, not just independent units.
2. Scholastic rosters DO NOT need proof of identification (drivers license, passport etc.). Only independent units need these.
3. Scholastic rosters MUST HAVE the signature of a school administrator (principal, assistant principal, president, head master) on the form. Independent units only need the signature of the director.
4. Independent units MUST HAVE proof of identification. This can be a drivers license, passport, student ID, or a state issued ID as long as the members date of birth is on it.
5. If you are going to a WGI event you will need to fill out a similar form for them. If you have already done this you can use a copy of that form in place of the LMCGPC form. Scholastic forms must have an administrators signature on the WGI form as well.
6. Student roster forms must be turned in to either Craig or Randy at your FIRST SHOW when you pick up your badges. Badges will not be issued with out this form. If you do not turn it in by your second show your group will not be able to perform.
7. The process is the same as the spiel sheets..........complete the form, click Submit, PRINT THE FORM OUT!
Please take care of this ASAP so that you have enough time to get the necessary signatures on scholastic forms and copies of ID's for independent forms. 

Spiel Sheets

Please complete the Spiel Sheet ASAP and email it to Randy Weaver. Here is the process:
1. Completely fill out all of the information fields. If there are some sections that you have nothing for (ie. captains, additional staff) just put NONE.
2. Click Submit.
3. After you click Submit a pdf document will pop up. YOU MUST SAVE THIS DOCUMENT AND EMAIL IT TO RANDY AS AN ATTACHMENT. If you close the page before saving you will lose the information and have to start over. 
4. Email the pdf to RANDY. jrandall.weaver@gmail.com
5. Please DO NOT do this on your phone. Last year several that were sent from cell phones and could not be opened or printed.
6. Make sure that you fill it out completely as this information will be used for the championship program.


2018 Unit Applications & Show Sign-Up Now Open

Unit applications and fees are due no later than Sunday, November 19, 2017. Any applications or fees received after this date will be accessed a $25 late fee.


Show Sign-Up deadline is Friday, December 1, 2017. Any unit that fails to submit their show sign-up by this date will be accessed a $25 late fee.


2017 Spring Meeting Minutes

Please read over the minutes from the Spring meeting. There are very imporant issues that have been tabled until the fall meeting as well as changes that will take effect immediately.